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Dr Ismat Jahan Lima

Associate Professor, Colorectal Surgery FCPS (Surgery; Gold Medalist) MS (Colorectal Surgery) Member of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCSEng), England Fellow, American College of Surgeons; (FACS) USA


dr Ismat Jahan Lima

Colorectal & Pelvic Floor Surgeon​

12 years experience

Dr. Ismat Jahan Lima

Associate Professor, Colorectal Surgery
FCPS (Surgery; Gold Medalist)
MS (Colorectal Surgery)
Member of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCSEng), England
Fellow, American College of Surgeons; (FACS) USA
Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College

Dr. Ismat Jahan Lima

COLORECTAL & LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Surgery), MS (Colorectal Surgery)

Dr. Ismat Jahan Lima is a Colorectal & Laparoscopic Surgeon doctor in Dhaka. Her qualification is MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Surgery; Gold Medalist)
MS (Colorectal Surgery) Member of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCSEng) England, Fellow, American College of Surgeons; (FACS) USA. She is a Associate Professor in the Department of Colorectal Surgery at Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College & Hospital. She regularly provides treatment to her patients at Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, Dhaka & Colorectal and Pelvic Floor Center (DCIMCH) Shaymoli, practicing hour of Dr. Ismat Jahan Lima at Islami Bank Hospital, Mirpur (Saturday, Monday & Wednesday is 4.30pm to 6.00 pm) & Colorectal and Pelvic Floor Center (DCIMCH) Shaymoli (Sunday, Tuesday &Thursday 4.30pm to 6.00 pm)
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There are many possibilities as to why patients present with per rectal bleeding. One of the most common reasons is piles (also known as haemorrhoids) which typically presents with painless bright red bleeding after motion. Other causes include fissures, fistulas as well as diverticular disease. However, although most often per rectal bleeding is benign, we should always be mindful that colorectal polyps and cancers are also possible causes, especially in patients who have risk factors for developing colorectal cancer. Our clinic can advise on treatment as well as further evaluation of such symptoms to attain quick relief as well as a thorough evaluation of your symptoms.


Colonoscopy is indicated to assess the colon and rectum to evaluate bowel symptoms, as well as for screening for colonic polyps and cancer. Colorectal Cancer is increasingly common in the age group of those 45 and above, and the understanding that colonic polyps develop into cancer over 5-10 years allows colonoscopy screening to be a good way to remove polyps before they turn into cancer. Colonoscopy can also pick up other diagnoses such as colonic inflammation, infection as well as diverticular disease.

Colonoscopy is generally safe and well tolerated, and is done under sedation to minimise discomfort. Risk of serious complications are low, especially when performed by an experienced endoscopist. However as the quality of endoscopy will depend on the cleanliness of the bowel, bowel preparation and cleansing is of utmost importance. Omitting fibre from the diet 3 days before your scope, as well as taking the bowel preparation according to recommendations thus helps to get an optimal result. Our clinic provides an experienced endoscopist who has been teaching endoscopy for many years while in public service.


Traditional open surgery is effective however comes with it some unintended consequences. Large incisions and prolonged exposure of the bowel content to the atmosphere can lead to significant pain, higher rates of post operative hernias, as well as a delayed recovery of bowel function. Minimally invasive surgery combines the effectiveness of open surgery with the advantages of small abdominal incisions and significantly reduced exposure of contents to the environment. This leads to less pain, faster recovery and lower risk of other complications.

Although not all patients are suitable or straightforward for minimally invasive surgery, an experienced and skilled surgeon can minimise conversion to open surgery and perform even complex procedures using a minimally invasive approach. We will be happy to discuss all approaches for your condition and recommend the best option for your needs.

Robotic and laparoscopic surgery are different forms of minimally invasive surgery. In traditional laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon and assistants hold instruments and a two dimensional camera that are inserted into ports, through which straight instruments are used to perform surgery. However the difficulty in depth perception as well as operating in narrow spaces (eg. the pelvis) can make it challenging. As the surgeon stands by the patient’s bedside during laparoscopic surgical procedures, it can also be ergonomically challenging to perform long and complex surgery in this way.

In Robotic surgery, a specialised robotic platform is used which is attached to more flexible instruments and a highly magnified 3 dimensional camera, which is then controlled by the surgeon who sits in an ergonomically comfortable position to perform the surgery. This allows more complex surgery within narrow spaces to be done much more smoothly and with less limitations. Some research has suggested that due to this difference there may be benefit to patients who have had robotic surgery in terms of faster recovery and reduced hospital stay compared to laparoscopic surgery.

Islami Bank Hospital Mirpur, Dhaka

Colorectal & Pelvic Floor Center, DCIMCH

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